About the Project

By October 2016 my world was so upside down, that my “solutions” were pretty extreme, but not in my eyes. My possible solutions to getting rid of the pain were to; 1) drastically change my situation by moving jobs, cities, states … etc., basically anything, 2) my family leaving me (and if they wouldn’t leave me, I would leave them), or 3) me leaving this life so that I was no longer in the way of anyone else’s happiness ,and the world could stop screwing me over.

By late 2017, my only hesitations to me arranging my own end were; 1) me not liking the idea of giving up on my Family, and 2) the fact that if my death were to be ruled a suicide, my wife would not get the life insurance money.

I was diagnosed with PTSD after starting seeing a counselor in October 2016, but with mixed results. I was getting better in some ways and worse in others.

Lucky for me, I have an absolute angel of a wife, who knows me so well, that she could tell that I was as far gone as I was. In early 2018, my wife lovingly manipulated me into seeking additional help. Yes, it was total manipulation, and absolutely genius. Fast forward to today, and I am better than I have ever been in my entire life. I don’t say that to be dramatic, or attention seeking; I say it because it is true, and I want everyone who has ever suffered anything close to what I suffered, to find peace. I also want no one else to ever needlessly suffer that way, or make those who care for them suffer, as I made my wife and children.

The Unbroken Project is a movement. It is a movement that provides opportunities for those of us who have gotten help, to help those who haven’t. It is an opportunity for those of us who care about someone suffering with PTSD, Depression or Anxiety, to stop suffering. It is an opportunity for those of us who are made to suffer at the hands of someone we love, who hurt us in part, because of their PTSD, Depression or Anxiety.

The Unbroken Project is a movement to fix the way PTSD is dealt with in the workplace, the media and in our communities. Thank you for visiting!

The Unbroken Project is a division of The Herrscher Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation. All donations to the Unbroken Project are TAX DEDUCTIBLE go directly towards helping First Responders and Military Veterans through training, counseling, treatment and other help as deemed necessary by the Foundation. Neither The Unbroken Project, or the Foundation will ever provide direct cash contributions to any individual. Help is always better given through opportunity and a hand up. Thank you for your contribution!

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