Monthly Archives: July 2019

E6 | A Conversation with Amanda Coleman – The Irish Angel

Listen in on my conversation with Amanda Coleman, known around the world as the Irish Angel. Amanda is the catalyst of a movement growing across the world in support of First Responders and Military Veterans. We discuss the movement, mental health and options to better our lives.

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E5 | How I Took Charge of My Own Happiness and Became PTSD Symptom Free

This week I explain how I took charge of my own happiness and became PTSD symptom free. I believe everyone can solve 99% of life’s struggles in the mirror. I share a simple truth, that if coupled with determination and intentional action, leads to a happiness that will change your life.

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E4 | Leadership in a Millennial World

As Millennials fill our workforce, being able to effectively manage and best mentor them seems to be a struggle for many. We discuss some basic pointers on managing the Millennial mind.

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